Anatomy of a Scheduling Call

Anatomy Of A Scheduling Call

Unique Dental Scheduling is an industry-leading service that handles overflow or direct calls on behalf of hundreds of dental practices and DSOs nationwide. When a practice gets a call that they cannot handle, due to being busy with another call or in-practice patient, it comes to one of our trained Dental Communication Specialists.

When your calls get rolled over to Unique, a carefully designed process is set into motion. Whether it is rolled over from your office, or if it is on the weekend or extended hours when your office is closed, we are always ready.

Start off strong

When the phone rings for one of our call center agents, our Playbook gives all the important information about your practice to the agent immediately. We designed our own Maple Street Playbook software to automatically pull up the scheduling portal and all the important details about your practice, so they are ready to deal with any need the patient has.

Experience meets training

Whether it is a simple question about open hours or address, or something more involved like scheduling a new patient with insurance or escalating a potential dental emergency, we have the training and expertise to handle any of your existing or prospective patient’s needs. Once we know the reason for the call, we follow our tried-and-true script tree that quickly and efficiently resolve or escalate the patient’s query.

Our agents only handle dental scheduling calls; we do not serve any other kind of industry or purpose, so you know that you are getting the most focused and professional people representing your practice.

Resolving the call

For appointment scheduling, we access your dental practice’s software remotely through a dedicated desktop in your office and schedule the patient on your practice’s behalf.

Once we schedule a patient, we then immediately send your practice a secured message to update you on the new patient and they are in your scheduling software – just as if you’d scheduled them yourself.

After action report

After the process is seamlessly handled, the calls are then available to listen to in the secure client portal. We love getting feedback through the portal because it gives our clients a chance to see how our agents are interacting with their patients. And the portal is available 24/7 so you can review it whenever best works for you.

Our goal is to make your practice the best it can be, and by focusing on your patients in your practice, you can serve patients the best that you can, while we can do what we do best.

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