UIC Dental is now Unique Dental Scheduling

We are excited to announce that UIC Dental is changing our company name to Unique Dental Scheduling. As anyone that has started a dental practice or a company knows, naming a business is challenging.  And changing names is even harder. However, in this case, we know it is time and are excited for the future […]

New Website Launch

Our New and Improved Website has Launched! We’re excited to announce that our newly redesigned website has launched! Our goal with redesigning dentalscheduling.com was to create a world-class user experience for our valued customers and business partners as they navigate our new website.   Homepage Potential and current clients can find out information about our […]

Increasing Dental Office Profit

Are your practice numbers not adding up? Are open holes in your schedule creating less production than planned causing overhead to seem overwhelming? What steps are you taking to correct these problems that eat into your profit? In the May 2016 edition of Dentaltown, Dr. Howard Farran expands on dentists being upset with large overhead and low profit. According to Dr. Farran: […]

Effectively Using SEO For New Patients

Every day, prospective patients are searching for dental practices. It could be a family new to town, a person who perhaps did not have insurance and now does with a new job, or even someone unhappy with their current office. Now more than ever, the first step for any search is Google, Bing, or some other […]

Four Excellent Values for Dental Office Development

Dental Office Professional Development There are many avenues for development available to dental professionals.  Continuing education courses, local or national conferences, or even going back to school for a college or graduate degree can provide significant personal growth and value to a practice. However, these development tools also might not fit into a busy schedule or office budget. […]

Marketing Strategies for Dentists and Eliminating Lost Leads

In the latest edition of Dental Town, Dr. Anissa Holmes outlined some new and exciting ways to attract new patients sharing marketing strategies under three headings: Unique culture, Social media done well, and Relationships. I encourage you to read her entire article as Dr. Holmes has some great ideas about how to wow patients. Dr. […]