Our story

A revolution in dental practice phone call management.


Frequently Asked Questions

Headquartered in Jeffersonville, IN, our operations are 100% onshore and US based.

Unique Dental Scheduling helps your practice capture every scheduling opportunity over the phone. Our ability to answer calls before your practice opens, after you close, and even throughout the day when your staff cannot answer the phone, improves patient experience, and maximizes earning potential!

Formed in 2013,  Unique Dental helps dental practices grow and operate in the most efficient manner and stand out in a busy culture where patients expect more than voicemail or a call back. We will make your practice more successful. We specialize in phone-based customer service for dentists nationwide.


We re-branded from UIC Dental to Unique Dental Scheduling. A name that reflects our values and service.


Let us help your Dental Practice Grow

Patients in the schedule create thriving practices and Unique Dental Scheduling is the customer service engine for your organization to make that happen.