Integrating with your practice

Unique Dental Scheduling’s practice integration process is fast and simple to make sure our partnership can go-live when you are ready.

practice integration

Your Advantages

Why Unique?

Simple Sales Process

Featuring simple pricing, no contracts, and excellent customer service, it’s easy to do business with us and we stand behind our service.

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Trained, Expert Staff

Our staff focuses specifically on dental practices and we are professionally-trained in all major practice management software. Including: Open Dental, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise, and Denticon.

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Expert On-Boarding

We have the experience to guide you through our straightforward and comprehensive practice integration process with ease.

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Excellent Results

Proven ROI plus unparralled reporting - every call is tagged, recorded, and searchable with our fully transparent process allowing us to deliver supreme quality and exceptional reporting.

How it works

Ready to use.
Perfect for anything.

We are not just a call center. We are are a highly personalized, service driven extension of your practice. Once we initiate service, we handle all aspects of training our staff on YOUR practice details and Practice Management Software designed to supplement your current internal process.

Our staff are trained to schedule appointments, answer basic insurance questions, provide practice information such as hours, locations, and directions, or any phone based questions a practice might encounter. They provide experienced and professional customer service along with being proficient in numerous Practice Management Software systems.

practice integration process

Sign up

Ready to get started? Contact Unique and we will get you a simple, no-hassle agreement to kick off the practice integration process. In addition, we will provide a link to our proprietary onboarding form and the link to download the remote connection software.

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Start the Practice Integration Process

Your office downloads the remote connection software, and at the same time, you complete the online scheduling guidance form to start the onboarding process. From there, our customer service team reviews your schedule and guidance form responses and follows up with any questions we may have. We then customize our internal systems with your data and train the team on your specific needs.

practice integration process
practice integration process


The entire practice integration process typically takes no longer than 21 days from agreement execution to being live and answering calls. Once live, we have a highly developed quality assurance process that ensures the highest level of phone-based customer service and reporting for your practice.


Schedule More Patients

Unique Dental Scheduling is a cost effective tool to compete with the larger competitors in your market. Our practices see a proven ROI with an average of $10 in new patient production value for every $1 invested in the service.

practice integration process