We help Dental Offices Schedule more patients.

Unique Dental Scheduling helps make dental practices more available to their patients over the phone. We answer incoming patient phone calls with live, trained staff before hours, after-hours, weekends, vacations, and during the day when practice staff simply cannot get to a call. Our staff schedule directly in the practice management software using the specific protocols and guidelines defined by the client practice. Transparency is built in – our customers can listen to any call at any time to be assured of a positive patient experience. We help our practices solidify their bottom line by maximizing new patient opportunities and taking care of existing customers when they choose to interact.


Comprehensive and Effective

We conduct an in-depth scheduling interview with the office’s scheduling coordinator to capture and understand the practice’s appointment scheduling details and guidelines. We review the practice’s current phone system configuration and work with the practice to design a new call flow that will route calls to Unique according to the practice’s specifications. On the day of launch, we then coordinate with the practice and their phone carrier to enable the call-forwarding.

practice integration process


Simple, Volume Based

Unique Dental Scheduling has plans for practices of all sizes. We keep pricing as simple as possible and based on call volume. Starting at $99 + per call fees, you only pay for what you use. Also, at Unique, we want the service to be as valuable as possible by having our team only answer the most valuable scheduling calls, while letting the others, for example, vendors, billing, etc., go to voicemail. We only charge for live-answer calls, so anyone that presses two, would not be considered live-answer, and therefor would not be charged.

Return on Investment

$10 Return on Every $1 Spent

Increased call handling capability is a proven revenue enhancer for dental practices and many larger practices and DSOs already utilize a central call handling process for overflow and after hours calls. Unique Dental Scheduling is a cost effective tool to compete with the larger competitors in your market. Our practices see a proven ROI with an average of $10 in new patient production value for every $1 invested with Unique Dental Scheduling.


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