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Frequently Asked Questions

Most popular questions

Unique Dental Scheduling offers pricing to fit every office and volume. We keep pricing as simple as possible stating with a low monthly platform fee plus price per call. Other than a one-time set-up fee, there are no additional hidden or extra fees. 

In addition, at Unique, we want the service to be as valuable as possible. With this, we offer a scope of service giving patients an option once they get to our system via a voice prompt as desired.  

This can be customized by the client as preferred, but the thought would be to have our team answer the valuable scheduling calls while the less valuable calls (vendor, billing, etc…) would go to voicemail. We only charge for live-answer calls so anyone that pressed two would not be charged as the would not be in the live-answer queue.

We do not require long-term contracts and we offer simple and straightforward pricing that gives you peace of mind.

UDS IT staff will work with your staff or technology provider to create a secure network connection between our office and yours.  We access the practice management software in a very similar way to how your local staff does via remote connection.  When we schedule appointments, we will do so in a consistent manner that is compatible with your existing scheduling protocols!

We train our staff extensively on how to operate a wide variety of practice software systems, including:

Open Dental
Dentrix Enterprise
Dentrix Ascend
Curve Hero
Denticon (QSI)
Easy Dental
Soft Dent
Dental Vision (OMS Vision)

No, your phone number will stay the same.  Unique Dental Scheduling IT staff can work with your phone service provider to configure forwarding rules from your existing number.

When UDS makes outbound calls on your behalf, we use your phone number as the caller-ID that patients see.  That makes it seamless for patients when they see a call coming in or if they miss the call, they know to call you back!

We answer the phone when patients are most likely to call!

  • 7am until 10pm (ET) Monday – Friday
  • 8am until 8pm (ET)  Saturday

Getting Started

Our on-boarding process typically takes 21 days. We start with the office answering an online survey to outline your policies and procedures for Unique. At the same time, the remote connection is added so Unique can gain access to your schedule. 

From there, the Unique Customer Success team reviews the information and works to fill in any gaps with the office. Unique then builds out our internal policy browsers and works to make sure our answering team is ready for the go-live date.

At go-live, UDS will provide the office with a forwarding number to begin the service or work directly with your phone system as requested. 

We’ve never met a phone system we couldn’t work with!  Some systems do come with various limitations on the forwarding rules that can be setup.  Our staff will work to explain the options available to your practice.

Yes, all calls and recorded and available to our offices via our HIPAA compliant portal at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We do send email in real time for every call that has a message attached. We send messages anytime there is a change to the schedule or when there is follow-up required. If for some reason, you didn’t want it this way, we can suppress messages – the service is customized to fit your individual needs with respect to messages and updates.

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