Learn About Our Team

We promise our customers a service experience marked by hospitality and effectiveness. We hire and train our team based on the core values of enthusiasm, care, accuracy, and efficiency to provide an unparalleled experience our clients and their patients alike. While you learn more about our team, if you would like to join us, explore our careers, and we would love to talk to you.

Leadership Team

Rob Kalus


Rob Klaus

Nicole Atkins


Nicole Atkins

Director of Client Success & Marketing

Cary Luckert

Client Success & Operations

Rachel Perkins, Assistant Director of Customer Service

Assistant Director of CLient Success

Rachel Perkins

Client Success Specialist

Crockett Jenkins

Our Team

Client Success Specialist

Hillary Morgan

Our Team

Manager, Systems Development

Austin Ervin

Our Team

Manager, Call Center Operations

Kristen King

What Sets Our Team Apart

All of our operations are centrally located under one roof in the Louisville, KY, USA metro area. We are a dental specific business, so we are confident in our dental expertise, and our culture is driven by our passion and focus on the customer experience. Our technical process and team members are both HIPAA compliant to ensure our service is safe, secure, and designed to meet your needs. 

We stand behind the quality of our service and transparency is a core value for us – all calls are always recorded and available for review in our easily accessible portal. All offices have 24/7 unedited access to this portal, so you can listen, and sample the quality of the service we provide, at any time.

In addition, we strongly value communication with our clients. We send messages to your office, via secure email, for any calls that have scheduling activity, or any calls that need follow-up. We promise your team will never be out of the loop with Unique Dental Scheduling.