Connecting with Patients via UIC Dental

Connecting with Patients In her article appearing on, Mary Lynn Wheaton, RDH, MA and Director of Consulting at Pride Institute outlines several phone skills that every dental office should have. Mary mentions connecting with patients as one of those valuable skills: “You do need to be sure to “connect” with your callers as soon […]

Turning Snow Days into Productive Days

When winter hits, it can create issues that are impossible to plan for. Schools will be closed and many local businesses, including dentist offices, can also be forced to close their doors for a day or delay opening. While school children enjoy their day off, UIC Dental gets to work. In addition to the normal inbound operations for our […]

Increase New Patient Production with Expanded Availability

  We have all heard it. “Your call is very important to us, but we are either out of the office or assisting other patients. Please leave your name, phone number, and reason for calling and we will call you back at our earliest convenience.”   That’s right: at our convenience meaning the office and […]

Differentiation in Dentistry

There is no denying dentistry is a competitive industry. Around every corner, there seems to be a new office opening and seeking new patients. Forbes had a recent article by Larry Myler profiling how hard it can be for a dentist to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Myler quoted Colorado Springs, CO dentist Dr. Fred Guerra who said: […]

Are You Providing Five-Star Service?

Ask yourself simple question – are you providing Five-Star Service? Otherwise, as described by Jay Geier in the October 2015 edition of Dental Town, you will not “stand out from the crowd” and “get you that boatload of referrals you dream about”. According to Geier: “99 percent of all businesses – including yours – are based […]

New Patients In the Office

UIC Dental is designed to make sure new patients have their phone calls answered and are able to get scheduled as soon as possible. As for what they decide to do on the waiting room, that is up to them! H/T Buzzfeed: 15. When Andy (from Parks and Recreation) thought he nailed it at the […]

Cost of Cancellation

Getting patients scheduled as a dental practice is difficult enough and can be even more problematic when you have cancellations or no-shows. Dentistry IQ has an article discussing reducing the cost of cancellations in your dental practice. According to Ryan Long, DDS:  “Dental practices are faced with many different challenges and expenses. One of the most frustrating and […]

Know your numbers!

As a dental practice owner one of your main objectives is to operate a successful, financially healthy practice so you can continue to service your patients long into the future. Not only do you focus on patient satisfaction, but as an owner you want to make sure your practice is profitable. In an article posted […]

Maximizing Hygiene Productivity

Every dentist wants to make sure they are maximizing hygiene productivity. Dentistry IQ recently published an article about 4 ways to increase dental hygiene productivity. According to Roger P. Levin, DDS: “The hygiene department brings in $1 of income for every $3 generated by the dentist which leads to 1:3 ratio that translates into a 25% contribute […]

Be Prepared, Not Scared

Corporate dentistry and the proliferation of Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) are on the rise. These organizations can create a competitive advantage via deeper resources, more locations, marketing, and centralized call handling. However, according to Kevin Cain: “You should not necessarily be scared of DSOs, but you should be prepared to compete with DSO-owned practices.” A main preparation […]