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Is your practice struggling with staffing?

A recent survey from the Health Policy Institute and the ADA shows that about a third of dental practices are having trouble filling their schedule because staff vacancies. And almost every single practice finds filling administrative staff positions challenging. In a post-COVID economy, attracting and retaining admin staff can be a challenge for dental practices.

Have you considered a dental scheduling service to bolster your in-office staff? Here’s how it works. 


How it works

Call Rollover by Unique Dental Scheduling (UDS) is a smart solution for your dental practice. When the phone rings in your practice, your on-site staff have an opportunity to answer the call themselves. If your staff are busy, then the call simply rolls over to Unique.

Once a Unique Agent answers the call, the patient experience is identical to calling the practice itself. With our proprietary playbook software, our agents immediately know what practice they are answering for when they answer the phone.

Our scheduling service works by integrating into your own scheduling software via remote desktop. A secure connection to a dedicated computer in your office means that Unique is just like another team member, always there when we’re needed. 

“Having the professional, kind, and detail-oriented team at Unique to help handle the increased volume of calls from patients, both existing and potential, to schedule or answer questions has helped to reduce the stresses of a growing practice. The ability to have patients schedule during off hours and on weekends allows us to gain new members of our dental family."

When it works

UDS creates value for your practice in several ways. Whether your staff are busy with a patient, on another line with a patron, or otherwise unable to answer the phone, Unique is there to answer the phone. Missing a phone call can mean missing a hot lead for a new patient or being unable to help an existing patient, both are failures for your practice.  


Our service also expands the time your practice’s phones are staffed, which means Unique can answer valuable calls to your practice that would have otherwise been sent to voicemail. We operate from 7am to 10pm Eastern time on weekdays and 8-8 on weekends, which offers a much wider range of times for your patients to talk to an actual person. 

Why it works

The value of UDS and expanded hours are straightforward, but there is more to why our services work so well. Our call agents are courteous, professional, and well-trained. Our US-based call agents also only work with dental practices. This means that we are focused on a specific industry and
know exactly how to handle any situation.

When we schedule a patient on behalf of your practice, we make the appointment in your own scheduling software and notify your practice. The process is all part of our commitment to our Radical
Transparency core value. 

"We have the confidence that if a new patient calls... Unique will schedule that patient as if we had taken the call ourselves. We have been very pleased with your service and are confident that we are not only better servicing our patients but also allowing our staff to better focus on patients in the office."

Do you have problems hiring or retaining administrative staff for your practice? Is your existing staff being overwhelmed or unable to answer every call coming to your practice?

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