How Unique Dental Scheduling “becomes” part of your team

simple effective onboarding

Unique Dental Scheduling (UDS) has dozens of qualified dental communication professionals answering on behalf of our client practices from our US-based call center or their home offices. Thanks to our extensive onboarding and regular call training, most patients never notice that our call agents aren’t actually in the practice they are answering on behalf of.

This excerpt from our training manual shows how we do it.

Inclusivity Do’s and Don’ts

Do say: “Our office hours are …”
Don’t say: “The offices hours are …”

As part of our playbook software, our call agents automatically get all the most-needed information on their screens like address, hours, and accepted insurance. This includes information for the specific dental practice, arming them with the most likely resolution.

Do say: “Let me see if they have that time available…”
Don’t say: “We have these times available …”

Our remote scheduling software lets our call agents access your practice without having to be there ourselves. With a live look into the practice itself, we can see what appointments are available. Rather than wasting time, this avoids a drawn out back-and-forth between a patient, practice, and UDS.

Do say: “Let me see if (so and so) is available …”
Don’t say: “I’m not in the office, so I’m not sure if that person is here.”

When we cannot immediately resolve an inquiry for a patient, we have the tools to escalate requests to the practice itself. For instance, after UDS schedules a patient on behalf of the practice, we subsequently send the practice a notification. The automatic notifications detail the new appointment so that practices are updated in real time.

UDS prides itself on being the best way for dental practices to augment their scheduling efforts and increase their bottom line, without sacrificing quality customer service. If a friendly, helpful hand is the kind of thing your practice could use, get in touch with us, check out more of our content, or read some of our client success stories.

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