Our Core Values: Client Service

In addition to serving patients, we want to make sure our client practices have a great experience with UDS. Our commitment to making the patient experience as best as it can be extends to the practice, and that is reflected in our vision statement:

Customer Service Vision

We believe in the value of each patient and in facilitating exceptional patient experiences, both on the phone and in the office. Our team works with honesty and integrity to deliver solutions and industry leading service to our clients through open communication, transparent processes, and superior tools.

How we live our vision

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Dedicated customer service team to help with any needs

We have a team of representatives that are dedicated to being your connection to UDS. Have a question or concern? Have a technical issue? You have a single person dedicated to your success that can lead you from start to finish. No matter how you want to stay in contact with your representative, we are available.

Address feedback from the Client Portal

On top of the conventional ways to keep in touch, we also have another tool in our arsenal: the powerful client portal. Access all calls we answer on behalf of your practice, along with the resolution and any notes. Your practice is notified in real time on the calls we field, but your practice has the power to make notes and give feedback to our team, too. 

Quick and comprehensive implementation

Once you decide UDS represents value to your practice, we have a quick and straightforward implementation process. We know what questions to ask and what to look for in a schedule to make sure we are able to hit the ground running with quality service. All we need is a dedicated computer in your practice that we can use to remotely schedule new patients and we can get your practice up and running with UDS with no delay.

Fast responses to feedback

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service to our client practices. While mistakes do happen, we have an established system of accountability via both our CS representatives and the client portal.   

  • If issue if guidance related, our standard is to update it within 24 hours
  • If agent related, we always address using Quality Assurance and coaching ASAP

What are our clients saying about UDS?

“We have the confidence that if a new patient calls… Unique will schedule that patient as if we had taken the call ourselves. We have been very pleased with your service and are confident that we are not only better servicing our patients but also allowing our staff to better focus on patients in the office.”

Dr. Mark Perelmuter

“The idea of having an “answering service” had never appealed to me. It always seemed impersonal – relying on strangers to answer your practice phone. How wrong I was! Unique has been great for our practice!”

Dr. Randy Ransdell
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