Tips for Partnership Success

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To help our client dental practices, we came up with some top tips to help make the most out of your UDS subscription. Armed with these guidelines, any challenges your practice encounters while using our service can be addressed and resolved quickly.

Communication is key

Experiencing issues? Let our Client Success team know of any changes or issues so we can be sure to update our team or correct any problems.

  1.  If your practice has a concern about a specific call, sending any feedback via the online client portal automatically attaches all relevant information, along with your notes. 
  2. Contact us via email [email protected].
  3. For time-sensitive matters, use our direct line at 844-496-0579

Keep a computer dedicated

One of the benefits of our service comes from the fact that we can answer your phones when you cannot. Here are a few pointers to make sure we are best equipped to maximize opportunity when it comes calling. 

  1. A dedicated computer makes it possible for us to automatically schedule patients with zero practice involvement. 
  2. Dedicated access also allows us to train, do quality checks, and evaluate ways to improve our team’s service for you, even when calls are not coming to our team.

Ensure office hours are accurate

To keep us in the best position to help your practice, it’s important to make sure your practice’s hours are correct. 

  1. We train our team to use your office’s schedule to know when the office is open or when a provider is working, as this allows you the most flexibility in adjusting your schedule.
  2. Need help setting up your schedule’s hours in the client portal? Let us know – we’re here to help!

Have a question for our client success team? Email us at [email protected]

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