Training Keys for Dental Scheduling Success

The question often arises: what does our training look like at Unique Dental Scheduling? Here at Unique, we have developed a thorough training process to ensure our offices are getting the highest caliber of service possible, even from our newest agents.

Dental Basics

Our team is dental specific and does not answer for other industries. As such, we spend the first part of a new team member’s training on dental basics so they are able to better discern how to handle calls and questions. We certainly do not claim to be medical experts, but we do want to be able to understand patient needs to schedule as accurately as possible.

Scheduling Principles

From there, we train our team on general scheduling guidelines and practices. We liken it to teaching someone how to cook: you teach them the tools and principles – what a whisk is, how to beat egg whites until they are light and fluffy – but you don’t expect them to memorize specific measurements or directions. When the time comes, they should be able to follow the recipe, understanding the instructions perfectly.

We take the same approach with our training: we focus on scheduling principles, such as double-booking, schedule efficiencies, etc., but we present the specific details of a practice at the time of the call. This allows our team to be adaptable, yet agile, to each individual office’s needs.

Software Training and Practice, Practice, Practice

We then train the team on various practice management software, so that we are able to schedule appointments directly in your schedule and look-up current patient information. From there, our emphasis is practice, practice, practice! New team members practice on demo software, role-play with trainers, and do a number of test calls before ever speaking with a patient. This ensures their comfortability and proficiency not only with their tools but also with caller interactions.

These training processes help provide patients the highest quality experience, even from our newest team members.

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