Radical Transparency | Unique Dental Scheduling Core Service Pillar

We know that entrusting your practice to someone else can be uncomfortable without transparency. Questions like, “How do they speak to our patients?”, “How would they answer questions about pricing?”, “How do we know what’s going on with our calls?” can be obstacles to getting the help needed to answer your calls and fill your schedule.

At Unique Dental Scheduling, we pride ourselves on industry-leading transparency in every step of the dental scheduling process, from start to finish. Here are four ways we at Unique keep transparency at the top of our priority list:

1. Access to Call Recordings

We provide all call recordings in their entirety on our online client portal as soon as the call is completed. Each call is tagged for resolution, and search filters help find exactly the calls you are interested in or locate a specific call. Accessible 24/7, you can monitor how our team is representing your practice at any time.

2. Feedback Loop

It’s easy to find calls and even easier to submit feedback on our client portal. Want our team to say something in particular when greeting your patients? Let us know. Love how an agent connected with one of your patients? We’d love to hear it. The feedback loop represents a key part of our commitment to radical transparency.

3. HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

Any time our team schedules an appointment or makes a change in your schedule, we let you know immediately and securely through our HIPAA-compliant messaging system, allowing you to know what’s going on at all times while ensuring patient security and privacy.

Though we aim to resolve as many caller needs as possible on the phone, some calls may need further action directly from your practice. These messages are flagged to easily identify which callers need office staff attention and follow-up

4. Detailed Analytics and Reporting Transparency

Unique Dental Scheduling represents an investment in service for your dental practice. To help ensure your practice is getting your money’s worth, we send monthly reports to your management team that include how many calls our team has handled, as well as the value that these scheduled patients represent.

 With Unique Dental Scheduling, you can streamline your scheduling and help your bottom line without sacrificing customer service or privacy. With the four pillars of Patient Service, Client Service, Scheduling Focus, and Radical Transparency, you can trust that we are dedicated to come alongside your practice and help you reach your goals and care for your patients.

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