Our Core Values: Patient Service

As one of the four core values of Unique Dental Scheduling, we pride ourselves on exceptional patient service on behalf of our client practices. Functioning as an extension of your practice, we hold ourselves to the same high standard of service that you’d expect from your own team. 

The phone call is the first interaction - we make it an excellent one.

  • Thank the patient for choosing your office.  

We know that patients have a choice when it comes to their dental health. We make sure to thank patients for choosing your practice, and strive to make all interactions with your practice, whether facilitated by UDS or not, a positive one.  


  • Make sure they have a great first experience 

Some phone traffic is existing patients calling to schedule their next appointment. Some are prospective patients seeking information, and some are ready to schedule their first appointment at your practice. Starting patients off on the right foot, with a friendly greeting and a warm welcome help start a relationship between your practice and the new patient.  

Friendly and professional call experience

  • Team is taught to “smile through the phone” – a good attitude is the start of a good call. 

It’s easy to say that we want to start new patients off with a positive experience, but how do our Dental Scheduling Professionals do it? A keystone of our training is the “smile through the phonepolicy we have for our staff. Starting off calls with a smile are what sets UDS apart from the rest, and it will make your practice stand out from the competition, too.  


  • Follow the golden rule.

Call centers have a reputation for mishandling calls and disrespecting callers. We don’t. Our call Dental Scheduling Professionals go through extensive training and receive regular feedback to ensure accountability.  Read what our clients have to say about us.

"We have the confidence that if a new patient calls... Unique will schedule that patient as if we had taken the call ourselves"

Read what our clients have to say about UDS

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Experts in dental patient needs

Our Scheduling Professionals only work for dental practices, nothing else. By working for one kind of business, our call agents know what to expect from patients and can efficiently move calls through to resolution.  


  • Efficient calls – respectful of patients time. 

Time is valuable, that’s why we aim to resolve calls quickly and efficiently without sacrificing care or attention. Our Dental Scheduling Professionals operate using a call script that automatically prompts our agents with the relevant questions based on the caller’s needs. We resolve the majority of our calls ourselves with no input needed from the practice, which reduces the amount of time we spend on calls, and the time patients need to get their questions answered.  

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