Playbook: The Unique Dental Scheduling Secret Weapon

When someone calls a Unique Dental Scheduling client practice, a well-choreographed chain of events begins. Once the call reaches a Communication Specialist, they automatically have all the information and training they need in order to resolve a call. Whether the caller is looking for directions, or has an emergency, Unique’s Specialists are equipped to quickly move the call along in a professional, courteous, and efficient way. But how is it possible that every practice, each with their own procedures and details, can have their own process? With our proprietary Playbook software.

What is Playbook?

Playbook is a software program that integrates a practice’s scheduling software, phone system, and Unique’s Communication Specialists. It runs a step-by-step series of menus for our staff to resolve calls through an established progression of questions. When combined with our training, it makes Unique a great option for practices to schedule patients.

How Playbook does it

Before any calls reach a communication specialist, we begin with the implementation stage. Because every office is different, we adapt our process to what our client practices prefer. Our setup questionnaire for new practices covers everything from what fields to collect, to what treatments and services are offered. We also have a specific setup for multiple location offices and DSOs that cover the extra complexities of a bigger scope. We take all of the information and create a profile for the new client, which has all of the information for a Communication Specialist to handle calls on behalf of a client.  

Implementation also includes setting up Unique with access to your practice’s scheduling software via a remote desktop. As a part of our integration, we securely setup a connection to a computer in your office, so that we can make or change appointments on your practice’s behalf.

Features of the client portal

The main link between Unique and our clients is the Client Portal. The portal is where practices can see everything that Unique is doing on their behalf. Elements of the portal include caller information, the talk and call handling times, whether the call needed to be transferred to the practice for specific treatment information, and the resolution of the call. All interactions are available to listen to as well, to maintain our commitment to radical transparency.

Radical Transparency with Playbook

The secure portal allows for messaging and facilitates an easy and secure feedback loop from practice staff to Unique operational supervisors. The interface contains links that allow practice staff to listen to all call interactions within the prior 60 days. This total commitment to transparency allows client dental practices to easily ensure that patient interactions are the highest quality.  If there is ever any feedback regarding an interaction, practice staff can easily enter corrections, kudos, or other feedback, which then are reviewed by Unique supervisory staff to ensure that interactions and scheduling are being handled exactly as practice staff desire.

HIPAA compliant messages

After Unique schedules a patient in your practice’s own scheduling software, we inform the office via a secure HIPAA compliant message. It is viewable in the client portal, along with notes and specific information on the interaction.

Our Playbook software is only a part of what makes Unique Dental Scheduling a great option for your dental practice. Our agents are the real force behind our call answering service, and Playbook is their toolbelt for getting the job done. Why not see what other practices are saying about our service? Or better yet, find out for yourself.

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