Connecting with Patients via UIC Dental

Connecting with Patients


In her article appearing on, Mary Lynn Wheaton, RDH, MA and Director of Consulting at Pride Institute outlines several phone skills that every dental office should have. Mary mentions connecting with patients as one of those valuable skills:

“You do need to be sure to “connect” with your callers as soon as you can. And by “connect” I mean not only a real live person talks to the caller, but also speaks directly to the caller’s concerns in a language (not dental jargon) the caller understands.”

At UIC Dental, we agree 100% with this assessment and connecting patients to your office via our additional availability is a cornerstone of our service. Our service offers an instant connection by answering the phone when you cannot and serving the patient on their terms, and not just when it is convenient for the office. Today’s generation is used to having service at their convenience and voicemail is extremely outdated.

UIC Dental Staff

UIC Dental hires and trains staff based on the core values of enthusiasm, care, accuracy, and efficiency to provide an unparalleled experience our clients and their patients alike. These customer focused phone skills, and along with the required dental abilities, provide a patient with exceptional experience during their call. We also stand by our service offering our offices 100% transparency with every call via our UIC Answers client website.

Fully Transparent

UIC Answers Sample
Sample Call Detail From UIC Answers Client Website

Every call is tagged, recorded, and searchable with our fully transparent process allowing UIC Dental to deliver supreme quality and detailed reporting. UIC Answers offers downloadable recordings of each and every call we answer for an office and our offices have the ability to rate and provide detailed feedback on calls directly to our Team Leaders. This ensures a great experience for patients and the ability connect with callers turning those them into patients in your schedule.

If connecting with patients (both new and current) is important to your practice, contact us to learn how our unique set of phone skills, dental expertise, availability, and cost-effectiveness can work for your practice.

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