Turning Snow Days into Productive Days


When winter hits, it can create issues that are impossible to plan for. Schools will be closed and many local businesses, including dentist offices, can also be forced to close their doors for a day or delay opening. While school children enjoy their day off, UIC Dental gets to work.

In addition to the normal inbound operations for our practices, we offer outbound processes to reschedule, cancel, and confirm appointments for practices in need. A small sampling of how we assist our clients during weather events is below:

• UIC Dental can make additional outbound confirmation calls to supplement their normal process and assure patients that the offices will be open.

• UIC Dental can reschedule a practice’s entire daily production schedule.

• For practices that remain open, UIC Dental enables an office to work with less staff if needed due to call-ins and transportation issues without patient service suffering.

UIC’s capacity to proactively engage patients during these unexpected situations saves our practices significant time and inconvenience along with retaining production value that might otherwise have been lost. This all happens on demand, in real time as such occurrences are not planned events.


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