Dental Collections Support

Dental Office Payment Accelerator

Let our expert team help improve your cash flow with our slow pay account payment acceleration process.  Free your staff from the time consuming and unwelcome task of contacting slow paying patients.

Free Your Staff From an Unwelcome Task

We understand that some jobs – while vital – can be a drag on staff morale and requires constant reminders and follow-up. Let Unique take that off your staff’s plate and provide you with the peace of mind to know that your slow to pay patients with overdue balances are being contacted on a regular cadence getting them back in good standing.  

With Unique involved, you can trust this vital task is getting done in a timely, consistent manner. No longer will there be a need check-in with the team or send constant reminders as the management is built in as part of this systematic and automated process.


Technology, Expertise & Systems

Our process combines technology with the simple, but effective philosophy of the Golden Rule – treat others the way you would like to be treated. 

Our team will contact patients at the prescribed times via phone, text, and email to alert them of their outstanding balance and how to resolve it.

Dental Collections Support

Integrate Into Your Software

A key component of the Unique process is automated dataflow, making the process hands off for your staff. The office works with our team to define the parameters and once a patient meets the defined criteria, the account would be referred to Unique with the necessary contact information via our HIPAA compliant process. 

An example of standard parameters would be patients owing a balance of $25 or more for over 60 days without any pending insurance or pre-established payment plans.

Gentle Nudge Process

Once referred, our team completes a series of four contacts over 45 days encouraging the patient to resolve their outstanding balance and to bring their account to good standing. Depending on the patient response and balance, contacts could include phone calls, text messages, emails, and letters. If no response to these courtesy notices and calls, offices can choose to have Unique move the account into a formal collection process including credit reporting.

Dental Collections Support
Dental Collections Support

Reporting & Results

All patients will be directed to the office to make the payment using your standard payment methods and options. As patients pay, Unique’s software will monitor the balance and cease contact when resolved. 

As with all Unique products, transparency is a core component.  Your office will have access to our portal showing all contacts plus reported recovery to make sure the work is being completed and there is a positive return on your investment. 


Payment Accelerator for Slow Pay Accounts
$ 6
95 Per Patient
  • No Minimum Volume; Pay Only For What You Use
  • $99 Monthly Unique Platform Fee Required
  • Credit Reporting Add-on Available
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • 24/7 Online Portal Access
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Why Unique Payment Accelerator for Slow Pay Accounts?



No additional daily tasks for your team. Like magic, it just works. Unique will execute on generating revenue for your practice with accurate data from your practice platform.



With a defined system, there is no need to provide daily management or oversight. You can feel confident the work is being complete.



Know when and how your patients are being contacted. All work is stored and available for staff via the Unique portal.



Collect more while allowing your team to focus on the high value tasks and functions to elevate your practice.

Clear Pricing. No Long-Term Agreements.

At Unique, we believe in simple, straightforward pricing that provides value for dental offices. Volume based packages allow for maximum flexibility with no minimum monthly call volume required. No office is too big or too small to work with Unique.