Web Appointment Request Service Overview

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No one wants to admit this could be true for their office, but we have done the study. Up to 45% of practices are missing out on scheduling new patients that are actively seeking service. With Web Appointment Request Service from Unique Dental Scheduling, this does not have to be the case.

These patients are missed by offices not effective maximizing their marketing efforts by botching the easiest part – converting the lead from your website. This oversight is usually not intentional but stems from understandable challenges such as being too busy, prioritizing current patients, or underestimating the urgency of follow-ups… until it’s too late, and the lead is lost.

Check out Unique Dental Scheduling’s Web Appointment Request Service and see how UDS can provide a rock-solid solution to maximize your marketing.

Transforming Web Leads into Satisfied Patients

The digital age has ushered in a new era of patient engagement, where first impressions are often made online. Recognizing this, Unique Dental Scheduling offers comprehensive scheduling tools and services tailored for dental practices of all sizes. Their array of services includes inbound call support, proactive outbound campaigns, live web chats, and a seamless web appointment request conversion process.

Many dental offices attempt to manage website appointment requests internally, not realizing the full potential of these leads. Unique Dental Scheduling’s approach ensures that no lead is left behind, guaranteeing 100% follow-up until an appointment is scheduled or the contact process is concluded.

A Closer Look at the Conversion Process

UDS’s standard contact process is meticulously designed to maximize the chances of converting a lead into a scheduled patient. It involves three calls within 36 hours, customizable to each office’s specific requirements. The process begins with an immediate call to capture the patient’s interest, followed by strategic follow-ups, ensuring that every potential patient receives the attention they deserve.

When a patient is successfully scheduled, UDS’s expert team, specialized in dental practice management, schedules the appointment directly in your practice’s software. This process is facilitated through a remote connection, adhering strictly to office policies and procedures, and ensuring HIPAA compliance through a secure messaging portal.

Getting Started with Unique Dental Scheduling’s Web Appointment Request Service

Initiating the service is straightforward. UDS works with each office to determine the most efficient data transfer method, contact cadence, and call-back preferences, offering a flexible and transparent pricing structure. This approach allows dental practices to benefit from UDS’s services without long-term commitments, paying only for what they use.

Why Choose Unique Dental Scheduling?

Choosing Unique Dental Scheduling’s web appointment request conversion service is more than just about improving efficiency; it’s about enhancing the patient experience from the very first interaction. By treating each lead as a potential patient and ensuring a positive and engaging first contact, UDS helps lay the foundation for long-term patient relationships. Our blend of technology and personalized care not only improves conversion rates but also demonstrates a commitment to compassion in dental care.


In conclusion, Unique Dental Scheduling’s web appointment request conversion service is a game-changer for dental practices looking to expand their patient base and streamline their scheduling process in the digital age. By leveraging UDS’s innovative approach, dental practices can ensure that every web lead is effectively converted into a satisfied patient, thereby driving growth and enhancing patient satisfaction.

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