UIC Dental is now Unique Dental Scheduling

We are excited to announce that UIC Dental is changing our company name to Unique Dental Scheduling.

New Logo for Unique Dental Scheduling
New Logo for Unique Dental Scheduling

As anyone that has started a dental practice or a company knows, naming a business is challenging.  And changing names is even harder. However, in this case, we know it is time and are excited for the future of Unique Dental Scheduling.

The “UIC” of UIC Dental stands for Unique Integrated Communications which has meaning obvious to us internally. However, to the dental community, it is likely a confusing acronym. Not to mention how easy it is to transpose UIC with UCI or to confuse with the University of Illinois @ Chicago Dental School with which we have no affiliation other than the shared acronym.

Unique Dental Scheduling better reflects what we do – schedule your dental patients when your office is unavailable – and will be simpler for your team. You can refer to us as Unique, Unique Dental, Unique Dental Scheduling, Unique Scheduling, or if you truly love acronyms – UDS.

No Change to the Service

We remain committed to providing a high quality service to our clients with the change to Unique Dental Scheduling. The look of our reports are refreshed and a new logo has debuted, but the core of our service remains unchanged. We look forward to serving both our current customers as well as new practices in the future joining our team in the future.

New Website and Email Domain: www.dentalscheduling.com

With this name change, we are also changing our web and email domains in the coming weeks to dentalscheduling.com. For our current clients, the good news remains that any @dentalscheduling.com emails will remain active and our phone numbers will remain the same. It remains as easy as always to connect with our team.

We are excited for the evolution of Unique Dental Scheduling – formerly UIC Dental – and we look forward to continued success in helping dental offices schedule more new patients and realize more profit by capturing marketing leads when they call.

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