Increasing Dental Office Profit

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Are your practice numbers not adding up? Are open holes in your schedule creating less production than planned causing overhead to seem overwhelming? What steps are you taking to correct these problems that eat into your profit?

In the May 2016 edition of Dentaltown, Dr. Howard Farran expands on dentists being upset with large overhead and low profit. According to Dr. Farran:

“I see dentists upset because their overhead is high, they’re struggling … and yet staff members still expect a raise every year, based solely on the fact that Earth made it around the sun. No matter if your overhead went up, and insurance companies paid you less.”

Dr. Farran continues on, explaining the value of knowing your numbers and making sure your team is also aware of these goals. When everyone knows the stats and is working towards a shared goal, the team will be more likely to create a schedule conducive to your production goals being met and creating the profit you are looking seeking.

How UIC Dental Helps Reach Your Goals and Create Profit

More New Patients

Dentistry is competitive. Why else would you spend resources seeking new patients via print and mail advertising, a great website with strong SEO, Google AdWords, social media, etc…? No matter the kind of marketing you are doing, you have to be able to schedule patients when they call. Any time you are not answering the phone during peak hours, it leaves the possibility that a new patient and their family will move on to the next office in their search results that does answer. UIC Dental answers all of the peak hours each week and beyond, eliminating lost marketing leads and increasing profit for your office by scheduling patients at the time they call.

Schedule per Your Guidelines

At UIC Dental, we schedule directly in your practice management system and follow your specific guidelines. Experienced in Dentrix, Eaglesoft, OpenDental, Curve Hero, Dolphin, MacPractice, EasyDental, SoftDent, XL Dent, and even a Google calendar, UIC Dental has yet to find a dental practice management software with which we cannot schedule.

We also schedule based on the office’s defined protocol with chairs, providers, length of appointment, insurance, and services to be added to each appointment type. This means that if you have a specific provider and spot saved for high value doctor time, a new patient hygiene block saved, or even a limit on when emergency exams can be scheduled, we schedule patients based on your specific rules. The office’s daily goal and the ideal schedule will not be interrupted because you supplemented your availability, but more patients will be scheduled more efficiently.

More Saved Appointments

Rescheduled and cancelled appointments are an unfortunate fact of every dental schedule. With voicemail, the office has no ability to attempt to save the appointment when a patient leaves a message. UIC Dental offers the expertise and ability to attempt to save the appointment and keep it on the schedule as productive time. If there is a cancellation that was beyond saving, the office can know about it in real time instead of the next morning, allowing the ability to fill that slot via a ASAP list or adjust the time staff arrives if it is the first patient in the morning.


More production on less overhead means more profit, allowing you and your team to feel good knowing they earned their raise this year!

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