Do Not Let the Front Office Phone Become Your Practice’s Achilles’ Heel

In an interesting article titled 100 tips from 100 practice management experts in 100 words or less posted on, consultant Michael Ventriello stated:

“The Achilles’ heel of practice building is often the front desk telephone. Anyone picking up an outbound line must answer in a courteous, professional and unhurried manner. Callers should not feel like they’re calling a pizzeria on Super Bowl Sunday”


“Remember, your best marketing efforts are simply wasted if your phone is not answered properly.”

UIC Dental is designed just for this purpose and our proven process makes sure that your marketing dollar is maximized with new patrons. We answer as your practice with a consistent, friendly voice as specifically instructed during the implementation process. Contact us to learn how to get started with UIC Dental so the front office phone does not become your practice’s Achilles’ heel.

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