COVID-19 Technology TOOLBOX

As a dental community, we are all in this together and we we want to help the community in any way we can, including providing technical tools that can be deployed in a pinch. Below are several options that we have put together that might be beneficial. If any of these could make a difference for office during this trying time, please reach out and we will work to implement ASAP.

We are committed to acting in the spirit of partnership and prices will reflect the absolute minimum viable cost.

Dental Answering Service


Rescheduling Assistance Program

Do you want to need to call a group of patients that had appointments scheduled but don’t have the team? We can help with custom outbound projects as desired. Full reporting and custom project scopes avilable at a cost of $0.99/minute of call handle time. 

Live Chat on Website

Do you want to have patrons text when they arrive, but your office does not have text capability? 

Unique built a ‘virtual waiting room’ product to help manage communication with patients that are ready to be seen, but in their car. The process goes like this:

  1. A patient arrives and texts an assigned number.
  2. They then get an automated COVID screening which they would answer yes/no to the series COVID questions either via a weblink or text as recommended by CDC/ADA
  3. Once screening is completed, office will get an email with a link along with the answers to the screen.
  4. Office staff clicks the link and uses an interface to let the patient know via two-way conversation that it is time to come in and/or ask any follow-up questions. 


The pricing for this is $39/month + $0.03/text message.

Ringless Voice Message to Patients

Do you want to communicate with a group of patients, but texts and emails are not working? We can leave a recorded message on patient’s cell phone without the phone ringing so to the patient, it will sound like a truly personal message. The process is as simple as recording the message, sending to us, and then describing which patients you want to get it.  

Example use for current COVID-19 Public Health Emergency:

Hello, this is Dr. Smith with Unique Smiles. With the current public health emergency, I wanted to reach out and let you know that our office is available for emergency dental appointments should you need us. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we don’t want to flood urgent care or the ER in this time of crisis. We are scheduling by appointment only so if you have an emergency need, please call to schedule at 812-207-2020. Again, that number is 812-207-2020. Thank you and stay well.

The cost for this is $29 set-up per message campaign + $0.25 per message left.

Live Chat on Website

Patients will be coming to your website to see if you are open – use a live chat widget to communicate and schedule/reschedule with them in real time online.

This will help provide clarity to patients, reduce call volume, and start with a full schedule when you are back in the office.

Chat pricing is normally $99/month for up to 40 chats. Unique is offering a 30-day free trial for this service for current clients during the current emergency.

Bulk Email Assistance

It is likely you have already sent some communication to patients, but more is likely to be needed and mass email can be tricky, especially remotely. We can help by pulling a list of patients from your practice management system and then emailing from our system using pre-designed html templates including your branding and logo. You would create the message idea + target audience and we will execute on it for you.


The cost for this is $39 per template set-up + $0.009 per email sent.

Caller ID Assistance

We have heard from clients that verifying insurance from home or from the office using a caller ID not on file with an insurance company can lead to the company not allowing the office to get the service you need. Unique created a solution that allows you to call from a consistent caller ID, no matter where you are. 

The cost for this service is $0.09 of talk time with no set-up fee. Process below:

How can we help?

We truly appreciate all the help from our clients and the kind words shared during these unprecedented times. Now, let’s get through this together.  If you have a problem that can use a fresh idea or solution, drop us a line and let’s discuss.