The Fractional Front Desk: How Virtual Receptionists Can Help Your Practice

For dental practices both large and small, the efficient handling of scheduling and patient service is critical to ensuring smooth operations and optimal patient care. With our Dental Answering and Scheduling Service, your practice gains access to call agents that can handle all incoming phone and chat traffic remotely and effectively with our virtual receptionists.

What is a ‘Fractional Front Desk’ Virtual Receptionist?

Does your front desk need support, but there is not enough to support another full-time hire? Is hiring good help in a part-time capacity proving to be impossible?

Virtual receptionists have emerged as a solution to streamline the scheduling processes and enhance practice efficiency for practices both large and small. Unique Dental Scheduling offers dental specific virtual receptionist services tailored for dental practices, providing several key benefits to support your team on an as-needed basis, without having to commit to a new, full-time hire.

Enhanced Practice Efficiency

Virtual receptionists support in-person staff with phone-based tasks such as scheduling appointments, allowing them to focus on core responsibilities in front of them such as patient care and administrative tasks. During active hours Unique answers calls so that staff don’t have to. Consider how many productive and revenue-generating activities your staff could work on without the interruption of answering calls. And because Unique’s service syncs with the practice’s scheduling software, virtual receptionists ensure accurate and consistent appointment scheduling in real-time.

Real-Time Scheduling Convenience, Virtually

Virtual receptionists offer the convenience of real-time appointment scheduling, catering to patients’ needs both during and after office hours. With the ability to promptly assist patients and schedule appointments directly into the practice’s system, virtual receptionists enhance practice accessibility and contribute to a positive patient experience.


Specialized Expertise

Unique Dental Scheduling’s virtual receptionists possess specialized expertise in dental scheduling, and our agents don’t work in any other industry. Our specialized training and dedication to continuing education ensures that appointments are managed efficiently and in alignment with the practice’s guidelines. Their in-depth understanding of dental scheduling nuances enables them to handle patient inquiries and scheduling tasks with precision and professionalism.

Virtual receptionists at Unique Dental Scheduling offer a valuable solution for dental practices seeking to optimize scheduling processes without sacrificing quality patient service. With their real-time scheduling capabilities and specialized expertise, virtual receptionists play a pivotal role in driving practice success and delivering exceptional patient care.

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