Differentiation in Dentistry


There is no denying dentistry is a competitive industry. Around every corner, there seems to be a new office opening and seeking new patients. Forbes had a recent article by Larry Myler profiling how hard it can be for a dentist to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Myler quoted Colorado Springs, CO dentist Dr. Fred Guerra who said:

 “Dental services are basically commoditized and consumers often conclude that one dentist is pretty much the same as the next.”

Reasonable minds may differ on this point, but if that is a patient’s perception, the truth can be irrelevant. To fight this, Myler shows how Dr. Guerra attempted to make sure his patients know how important they are to him.

“In every aspect of service, I try to demonstrate how much I value my patients. I want them to feel our appreciation and think, ‘Man, I’m important!'”

The article then goes on to outline several innovative ways an office can differentiate itself from a competitor such as fancy chairs, no waiting guarantees, aromatherapy, and other inventive perks.

I would also add another, albeit simple solution – make sure your office answers the phone and provides service at the patient’s convenience, not yours. Don’t just tell your patients their call is important to you in a voice message – prove it to them by answering!

If you need help answering calls and becoming more available, UIC Dental is a great solution, but no matter what, make sure you are answering your phone. If not, someone else most assuredly will!



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