Maximizing Hygiene Productivity

Every dentist wants to make sure they are maximizing hygiene productivity. Dentistry IQ recently published an article about 4 ways to increase dental hygiene productivity. According to Roger P. Levin, DDS:

“The hygiene department brings in $1 of income for every $3 generated by the dentist which leads to 1:3 ratio that translates into a 25% contribute to total practice production.”

This amount could mean the difference between whether a practice is getting by or getting ahead of everyone else.  Dr. Levin suggests a few techniques such as:

  • Increase the perceived value of a hygiene visit
  • Add value by providing more services
  • Confirm hygiene appointment two days in advance
  • Schedule the next hygiene appointment before the patient leaves

If your practice is having a hard time confirming patient appointments UIC Dental can help with this by making your confirmation calls for you. Simply reminding patients they have appointments could help make sure your practice is maximizing hygiene productivity.

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